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TIP OF THE DAY: make sure someone takes photos of you with your children even if you think you look a mess! A couple of months ago the Irish Times asked for a photo of me with my kids to include in an article - I realised (and checked with others too) that I didn't have a single photo of me with them - apparently it's because I'm always the one offering to take a photo of them with other people and/or I say "I look a mess" and I get someone else to hop in - so if I get hit by a bus anytime soon my kids will think I spent no time with them at all. I contacted Nessa Robinson at (unfortunately not in enough time for the article) and she took the loveliest photos of me and my kids - and best of all we chose the venue of airfield so it was a really fun morning too (I did look slightly crazy bringing my daughter to a farm in a white dress!) - great value and some fantastic shots from the day and because I love other mums small businesses I wanted to plug nessa here (I paid for the shoot - don't worry) :) Hope everyone manages to find some indoor fun in the miserable weather today! 

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