The 7 stages of deciding you just might need some sleep help

1. All is well with the world - sleeps like a newborn - don't need a routine at all "sure I'm getting more sleep now than when I was pregnant"! 

2. Hmmmm naps are a bit shorter than I'd like (get to make the coffee/tea but not necessarily drink it while it's still hot!) but nights aren't too bad - just up for quick feeds and back down again.

3. A soother will help - the issue is now we keep having replacing it - I wonder would glow in the dark aoothers help so that I can find it to replace it quicker. 

4. My mother/mother-in-law/next door neighbour/man in the supermarket says if I keep him up longer in the day time he'll sleep all night.

5. He slept for 6 hours straight!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! It was a few weeks ago now though...but I'm sure we'll get him back to it again...and we've been replicating exactly what we did that night...same baby gro, swaddle, bedtime song...but it's not quite working yet...and we're getting slightly exhausted ...but I'm sure it will fix itself soon....

6. We're broken - baby's not broken ...they're not meant to sleep...but if only we could all catch up for a few hours or so so that we feel somewhat normal again...I'm sure we're each up every 30 minutes during the night but we're too tired to even remember anymore...

7. My neighbours aunties daughter used this sleep consultant.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

....I wish we'd tried this earlier ...we were so tired...too tired to read and decipher all of the baby sleep books. We just needed someone to guide and support us and lead a new plan so we didn't keep changing things, arguing about what to do, trying desperately to replicate the "good nights" and not getting any time to be "us" anymore. Had we known there were gentle options available that didn't involve crying it out, loading baby up on formula...

Support is key. Finding a schedule that works for everyone involved that can be tweaked is vital. A good nights sleep doesn't mean an uninterrupted 12 hours means enough so you feel human again, have less of a broken nights sleep pacing the floor with quicker nighttime resettling after feeds, a fraction more "me" time, the odd warm tea/coffee and most importantly can start enjoying your days with your little one again. 

Ps I have been through each of the above stages personally and have come out the other side...albeit very sleep obsessed I know how important sleep is for the entire family! Check out if you'd like more info or to book a consult :) 

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