Make sure to remind your mum and dad :)

Dearest little ones,

This weekend in the northern hemisphere the clocks are going to spring forward - which means that the sunshine won't wake you up quite as early as it has been recently so you can wake up and take a quick look around the room - see clearly that it's not yet morning time and without saying a word to anyone feel free to snuggle down for an extra hour of peace all to yourself :) 

- if you think you'll find this a bit of a struggle ask your mammy or daddy or granny or nanny put you down to bed tonight 20 minutes earlier than your normal bedtime - I'm sure as it's a Friday you'll be having so much "it's the weekend" hijinks that you'll be exhausted and only too happy to go to bed 20 minutes earlier (giving your exhausted looking parents an extra 20 minutes to pour a glass of wine and drink it while trying to hide away all of your toys so they can pretend to have a lovely home for a few short hours) and this also means that you'll be able to stay in bed for a lie in for an extra 20 minutes tomorrow morning ...imagine that...all by yourself with no parental interruptions!!!!! 

- And on Saturday evening you can do it all again only an extra 20 minutes earlier again so if you normally go to bed at 7pm you could head up at 6.20 pm Saturday night :) 

enjoy the break from your parents little ones and remember - it's Mother's Day on Sunday go on kind ...give them a surprise lie in - they'll love you forever!!!! 

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