Swaddling houdini

Like most aspects of parenting there are so many different medical and non-medical opinions when it comes to swaddling. I did it with both of my houdini escape artists and ended up settling for zip up ones that they couldn't escape from. Swaddling from a very early age will help this to become "the norm" for baby and will play a huge part in helping them to stay asleep because of their active startle reflex. It also creates a great sleep/bedtime cue which can last into the toddler years after transitioning to a sleeping bag. Babies must not be swaddled once they can roll from their back to their front. Transitioning to arms out can lead to a few sleepless nights - it's a good idea to start this transition at nap time and for the first nap to sneak in and unswaddle baby so they wake up with their arms out in order to gradually ease them out of their cozy cocoons. What's your favourite swaddle for your little one?

swaddling houdini

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