Private Consultation & Support

The busiest part of my practice are my private consultations - with word of mouth being my best advertising tool. 

  • Before the consultation I get you to complete a sleep questionnaire for me to review;

  • We then meet in person or by skype/facetime etc. and work through  your baby's day looking closely at feeds, naps, timings etc. and discuss my proposed changes, different suggestions for gently breaking current habits and creating more positive ones and, of course, the rational for these etc. and how they would work for the family as a whole (taking into account childcare, siblings, working hours etc). 

  • You will come away with a short emailed personalised plan for your baby, tailored to met your needs, so it is easier to implement in your home; and

  • We then work together over the next month or so via whatsapp to gradually implement, and tweak as required, the new plan. 

Sleep consultations can be done face to face or over the telephone/skype and I provide services to people outside of Ireland (mainly the UK and Australia to date) also (the time difference with Australia benefits clients who want overnight support).

PRICE: EUR175 including consultation, schedule and 30 days support

Sleep Workshops

Tailor Made: Are you a group of parents or soon-to-be parents who would like to know more about baby sleep? I can also provide a tailor made sleep workshop to suit your group and address individual issues which are usually one of the following: 

  • Pre-natal and newborn workshops: The perfect workshop for any expectant or new parents wanting to 'get ahead' in the baby sleep game! Gather a group of your friends or parents from antenatal classes and come and learn some fantastic tips and advice to help settle and soothe your little one.

  • Tots Workshop: For those who have been blessed already have their tots but are struggling to get a good nights sleep and/or consistent naps etc. Gather a group of parents together (or let me know youre interested and I will organise a group) and come and join me to crack those pesky sleep issues!Suitable from approximately 5 months onwards.


Workshops are approximately 2.5 hours and include take home notes, tea/coffee and a snack. Workshops are currently held in South Dublin. 


Corporate Sleep Workshops

I'm delighted to offer sleep solution and support services to businesses who may want to provide this to staff as a maternity and parental benefit - a well rested employee is a happy and productive staff member!

I genuinely believe that our tailor made workshops, delivered at your offices, present a unique opportunity to provide your staff with invaluable resources for coping and continuing to perform at their best at an exciting, but often challenging, phase in their lives. 


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