how it works

PLAN - I work with you to design a flexible sleep plan helping you to gently lure your baby towards more consistent naps and nighttimes. 

ACT - I help you to implement the sleep plan using an evolving schedule and including a variety of gentle sleep techniques, tips and tricks to encourage positive sleep habits and get you all more sleep. 

SUPPORT - I support you in transitioning your little one onto the evolving (as required as we learn more especially over the first week) sleep plan as this is a gentle process which doesn't happen overnight.  

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whatsapp (a few examples to give you a clue of what could be involved)

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client testimonials

(I promise these are genuine and most parents are members of the irish baby Facebook group where you can ask parents about their experience of working with me)

My daughter had slept next to me for 9 months and was quite happy with that arrangement. However, as she was growing, she was also moving a lot more at night, and after getting my ribs kicked, it was time for her to sleep in her room.

When it comes to sleep training there are a few methods out there, and one of them will be the one that works for your baby. For us, the difficulty was being consistent. Orla made a massive difference by being available to chat when we were wondering if we were doing the right things, suggesting improvements and techniques, as well as a schedule which worked very well for us. 

Fast forward, and now my daughter extends her arms towards the cot when she is tired, and goes to sleep without a complaint. Now, evenings are free, we can go out and have a baby sitter, and I have been able to go back to work. I cannot thank Orla enough for the difference it has made in our lives.

Sandrine, Anuj and baby Livia

I had a one to one consultation with Orla and it saved my life before going back to work after maternity leave. I had baby's sleep issues sorted within a week! The best thing about Orla's approach is that it is individual and she follows up with you religiously to ensure the approach is working don't do anything you are uncomfortable with like crying it out ...within a week baby was sleeping through the night even though I was guilty of bad habits like letting him sleep with me was honestly the best money I ever spent and such good value compared to other sleep consultants who charge you twice as much and never follow up to see if it works. I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get their baby to sleep through the night ....

Clara and baby Jake

At 8 months, baby Dara had formed bad habits when it came to sleep. He always slept in bed with me and he was always fed to sleep at night, and for naps. He woke up constantly at night and always needed my presence to get back to sleep. My partner and I couldn't cope anymore. With my return to work, we had a one-to-one consultation with Orla and she turned everything around. We got loads of advise on how to introduce a better daytime routine for Dara with his naps and a consistent bedtime routine. We gradually broke the feed to sleep/rocking to sleep habit and Dara sleeps for long periods now in his own room. While it takes time to implement the changes and we really needed to be consistent, Orla was always there to give advise and steer us in the right direction. What I liked about her approach is that she listens to your concerns and only suggests what you are comfortable with. I'd really recommend her to any family who is struggling with their baby's sleep habits. On Valentines Day, my partner and I gave a toast to Orla as we enjoyed a meal together in peace, knowing that Dara was sleeping peacefully upstairs!

Celine, Bernie and baby Dara

When I was first introduced to Orla my baby daughter Ella was 4 months old and a very poor sleeper.  She would only sleep in the sling in the day and would need a lot of help getting to sleep at night, then we had several wakings throughout the night and I was exhausted...
Orla's approach was very professional yet friendly and understanding, not pushy at all, she really listens.  Her advice was second to none and within a month the progress we'd made was fantastic.  Ella started sleeping in her cot in the day and was able to self settle and the night time wakings dropped.  Ella started sleeping through the night at around 6 months and the sling hasn't been used in months, unless we are travelling.  Orla also gave me great advice with weaning and travelling with a little one.  Orla genuinely cares and that really comes across in her approach.  I will continue to use her services as Ella gets older and with any new additions that come along and I have recommended her to my sister in law... we affectionately now called her the 'Oracle'.

Rebecca and baby Ella

We cannot thank Orla enough, she has an amazing service! The level of support and help you get is outstanding. Our son never slept in his cot and was breastfeeding non-stop all night. He also was not interested in solids at all. After only a short time he is now sleeping in the cot in his own room and has completely changed his eating habits. Orla has guided us through the process and has been a fantastic support. I am more than happy to recommend her!

Eve and baby Oscar 

Just wanted to feedback on help I received from Orla Griffin. She has literally turned my life round, no exaggeration! My fabulous baby, who previously slept like the proverbial, decided sleep wasn't for her anymore. It went on for months, I was in pieces - in the middle of my eldest starting school, giving up my career to start my own business, and my husband facing redundancy. My PND returned and I couldn't cope. Thank goodness for Orla! We worked together for a month and she got my baby sleeping again - my life slowly started to come back together. Her approach is incredibly gentle, flexible and works. I can't thank you enough Orla!” X

Laura Dodsworth and baby Poppy

At 8 months old our daughter was waking every couple of hours at night and daytime naps were a real struggle. She had to be rocked, held or fed to sleep.  It had been the same for months and we had read everything on the internet about how to help baby sleep but with so much conflicting advice we really just needed someone to help us.  I contacted Orla after a recommendation from a friend and a month later things couldn’t have been more different. Our little girl is so much happier! She’s now sleeping for long stretches at night and goes off to sleep in her cot for her naps by herself. Orla introduced some simple and gentle changes to our nap and bedtime routines which fully supported our wishes to continue breastfeeding and ensure there was no “cry it out” involved. Our daughter responded so well and so quickly, we were amazed. The continued support over the next month was brilliant and meant we could tweak things here and there as needed.  Orla, we can’t thank you enough for your help!!

Lorraine, Garret and baby Riley

Orla was a ray of light for us when my 15 month oldstopped sleeping at night. She was up multiple times at night and was very difficult to settle. It nt on for 2-3 months when a friend recommended I contact Orla. She was so supportive and helpful and it was lovely to know an expert was in your corner to guide you through the fog of sleep deprivation! The first thing I found interesting was that she doesn't talk about how to treat the wakings first off ...but more how to foster good sleep for the child. Good routines, nap timings, sleep environment. And some very practical suggestions which are not rocket science but make sense (especially when you are so tired). The major thing is she has seen it all before and so she gives you the confidence to stick to the routine and suggestions to help see it through. You contact her with updates via WhatsApp messages and so she gives real time feedback and guidance. She works with you in a fluid style and accepts some of her suggestions will work for your family while others don't. We have a 3 year old and she incorporated his needs or the possible knock on effect of the sleep coaching of our daughter upon him. And after a short amount of time we were all enjoying more sleep as a family. She has also been so good to keep the "door open" in the future for more advice as the inevitable slips occus. She really has been invaluable for us and I couldn't recommend her enough.

Karen, Michael and baby Ava

Best money we've spent on baby! Within a few short weeks we actually have a routine. Breastfed baby gone from 2 hour feeds during the wee hours to just one 3 minute wake for soother/cuddle during the night and a dreamfeed before we go to bed - delighted!  

Therese, Eoin and baby Aoife 

Hi Orla, 


Thanks so much for this, it’s great to have such fresh ideas to get her sleeping better!! You suggested a lot of things we never thought of so hopefully will make a difference 😊


Will keep in touch on whatsapp, 

Emma and baby Saoirse

"Orla, from "Sleep like a log" has been an absolute god send. We were at our whits end with a 15 month old that was awake every few hours and refused to nap in the afternoon. He was cranky most of the day as a result. Orla walks through your day and routine with you and then makes suggestions based on your child and your particular situation. You are emailed the recommendation as your muddled brain won't take it all in. It's one step at a time, no radical changes overnight but from day 2 we saw massive improvements. She is readily available then to tweak as you go until you get to a point where you can't believe you survived for so long with so little sleep. I will just mention the "no cry it out approach", this does not mean you will be sleeping on the floor of your child's room or sneaking out inch by inch, with our fella the crying just stopped as we implemented a routine that worked for the child and he was no longer battling us at every turn. No crying it out means there are fixes that mean you don't have to! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


Aoife & Daire and a much more content little boy