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Welcome to Sleep Like A Log 

I am Orla Griffin, a mum of 3 (a 6 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old) who is obsessed with a good night's sleep. I understand how difficult sleep deprivation can be - it's a form of torture! I have a passion for coaching parents who are dealing with prolonged sleep issues to help to restore calm to their household and for those with newborns or babies on-the-way I enjoy preventing the need for help further down the line. CIO and leaving baby to settle by itself is not my approach. 

I take a gentle approach with the aim of making small changes to feeding times, nap times, daily routines, settling techniques etc. to help to bring about more settled night times for your little one. I believe that sleep success happens when we teach parents the reasons behind the tweaks and changes and work with them consistently over whatsapp (as close to "real time" as we can get - focus on planning the next nap and feed rather than the entire sleep plan all in one go) to help them to gradually implement the new routine - it's not realistic to just jump into a new routine and expect your little one to follow suit - changes should be gradual and by working so closely with parents I help them to gain the confidence they need to know how to work with their little one(which gets easier as they see the results). I don't believe there is a one size fits all solution to sleep as every baby is different. 

My belief is that a well slept household is a happier household - helping towards contented and predictable tots, well slept siblings, parents (and neighbours!)and giving parents a chance to enjoy much needed downtime after a hectic day. This doesn't necessarily mean a 12 hour sleep - I am realistic about what your littles ones are capable of, ensuring they are also well fed, but depending on the age of the baby or toddler by working together our goal is for the resettling periods to be obsolete or quick - allowing everyone a less broken nights sleep. 

I work with and support both formula and breastfed babies making sure to monitor and maintain supply levels. I have breastfed my own children and firmly believe that breastfeeding and lack of sleep do not have to go hand in hand. 

I currently work with clients in Ireland, the UK and Australia (both places I lived before returning home to Ireland)- the only time the time difference is actually helpful!!

I also run a free parenting support   group with another friend on facebook called irish baby - and would love you to join me there :)

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